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Professor Anotida Madzvamuse

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Just a quick post to mark a nice bit of news from the Department of Mathematics at the University of Sussex. It was announced last week that Anotida Madzvamuse (pictured above) has been promoted to the position of Professor in Mathematical and Computational Biology.

Anotida’s research  lies at the interface between fundamental disciplines (mathematics, numerical analysis, physics, scientific computing) and experimental sciences (developmental biology, biochemistry, cell biology, biomedicine, plant biology) and seeks to propose, develop, analyse and simulate new mathematical and computational approaches applied to experimental sciences.

Congratulations to Anotida Professor Madzvamuse, and here’s to a future no doubt filled with even more great research achievements!


Referendum pie

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Via distinguished mathematician Peter Cameron (no relation)…

Peter Cameron's Blog

This is by Mike Grannell, and is published here with his permission. Enjoy!

It was 2025 when the trouble really began. There had been some muttering prior to this, but in July 2025, Microsoft introduced Windows 25. Every time users of Office-Infinity entered the consecutive characters pi, the system automatically started to produce the decimal digits of ? to unlimited accuracy. Previous versions had a similar bug, but this could be turned off with a simple expletive to the voice-recognition system. Windows 25 was different ? it had a mind of its own and would shout back in highly offensive terms.

At this point, demand began to grow for a referendum on the true value of ?. Older people seemed to prefer 22/7, but there were vigorous arguments in support of alternative values. The Sun newspaper was strongly in favour of taking the value to be 3 on grounds of…

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