George Ellis – Are there multiple universes?

So, back to Brighton and a sweltering office on Sussex University Campus. I made it back to pick up the list of names I’ll be reading out at tomorrow afternoon’s graduation ceremony in time to give me a few hours’ practice tonight. On the train back from Cardiff I remembered a discussion I had at the conference last week, especially about the various views about cosmology, especially the idea that we might live in a multiverse. I did a bit of a dig around and found this nice video of esteemed cosmologist  (and erstwhile co-author of mine) George Ellis talking about this, and also about his favourite kind of universe (namely one with a compact topology).


2 Responses to “George Ellis – Are there multiple universes?”

  1. Steve Warren Says:

    How do you check the pronunciation of the names, other than ask them individually? Names like Siobhan are bad enough, but Sussex is cosmopolitan, so you must have some tongue twisters. And people can be touchy about how there names are spoken. For example Anthony Powell hated it when it rhymed with trowel, rather than sounding like pole.

    • telescoper Says:

      We have an expert advisor in the Language School who helps with the trickier ones. There are quite a few that I know as I have taught them.

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