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Dos and Donts for beard wearers in hot weather

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Beard Liberation Front

19th July

Dos and Donts for beard wearers in hot weather


With temperatures of 30C and above across much of the UK the Beard Liberation Front, the informal network of beard wearers, has produced a guide for beard wearers covering what is prudent for the beard in hot weather and what is not.

Don’t expose the beard hairs and follicles to the sun for any longer than 5 minutes at a time. The sun can dry out hairs and follicles and cause a withering effect.
Don’t use beard oils or waxes. In hot weather they may drip and may cause the beard to become sticky with beard hairs tangled*
Don’t shave off the beard unless absolutely unavoidable, for example you are already working in a very hot environment

Do cool the beard by placing it from time to time in a freezer compartment for a…

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Private Eye on Physics Graduation

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Given the occasion I thought I’d just post this rather excellent cartoon I saw last year  Private Eye

Physics Graduation

Vesti La Giubba

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On what looks set to be the hottest day of the year I’m getting ready to head off to the Brighton Dome for this afternoon’s graduation ceremony for the School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences. This requires the wearing of ridiculously heavy robes on top of a suit which means that I’ll probably melt even before I start reading the names out. Anyway, the need to wear silly clothes for this performance reminded me of the famous aria Vesti La Giubba, which I translate roughtly as “Put on the costume”, from the  Opera Pagliacci. Here is a collection of recordings of this by the great Enrico Caruso, whose 1907 version of Vesti La Giubba was the world’s first million-selling record.