Return Trip

A quick post while I’m waiting in the hotel for transport back to Venice and thence to England. It’s been a short trip but a lot of fun, with a couple of interesting discussion sessions thrown in between the eating drinking and hiking.

Unfortunately I twisted my knee near the start of yesterday’s hike. The limestone rocks around here can be very slippery! Since I’ve had a lot of problems with my knees over the years I decided to return to Base Camp. The friendly owners of the bar at the trailhead gave me a bag of ice to control the swelling and I was forced to spend the morning reclining on a sundowner with my foot up rather than hiking.


This seemed to work and although I’m still getting a bit of a twinge I can get about reasonably well today.

Anyway, it’s back to Blighty this afternoon for the rest of what will be my last week at the University of Sussex.

3 Responses to “Return Trip”

  1. peter – how’s your knee bearing up? [wet limestone is a nightmare – its all those nutrients]

    • telescoper Says:

      Thanks for asking. The swelling went down pretty quickly, but the twist seems to have liberated a bit of something inside my knee which is moving around and being annoying. I had arthroscopy about 10 years ago that cleaned out must of the debris I acquired running too much on roads, but I may need to have it again if this doesn’t go away. But it’s irritating rather than painful, so I’m getting around OK.

      • eek! nothing is trivial when it comes to load-bearing joints. best to get it looked at again (while we still have an NHS)?

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