The Integrated Bispectrum and Beyond [CEA]

I just came across this wordpress site which automatically posts about new submissions to the arXiv. This has presented me with an opportunity to try it out with a reblog of a recent submission by yours truly!


The position-dependent power spectrum has been recently proposed as a descriptor of gravitationally induced non-Gaussianity in galaxy clustering, as it is sensitive to the “soft limit” of the bispectrum (i.e. when one of the wave number tends to zero). We generalise this concept to higher order and clarify their relationship to other known statistics such as the skew-spectrum, the kurt-spectra and their real-space counterparts the cumulants correlators. Using the {em Hierarchical Ansatz} (HA) as a toy model for the higher order correlation hierarchy, we show how in the soft limit, polyspectra at a given order can be identified with lower order polyspectra with the same geometrical dependence but with {em renormalised} amplitudes expressed in terms of amplitudes of the original polyspectra. We extend the concept of position-dependent bispectrum to bispectrum of the divergence of the velocity field $Theta$ and mixed multispectra involving $delta$ and $Theta$ in the 3D perturbative…

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