Travelling and Examining

Just time for  a quick post as I’m having a very busy couple of days, including two PhD examinations in consecutive days, one at UCL today and another at Cambridge tomorrow. I don’t why I agreed to this crazy schedule,  but there we are.

This morning I travelled from Cardiff to London in good time for a 2pm kickoff. The Astrophysics group at University College London is not in its usual near Gower Street in Bloomsbury but has been displaced pending refurbishment to a disused warehouse behind Euston station. Everyone – from PhD students to Professors – is in one ginormous open-plan office, even bigger than the one I have in Cardiff!

Anyway the viva went fine (about three hours) and we raised a glass or two of Prosecco to the new Dr Saadeh.

After that I walked to King’s Cross to get the train to Cambridge. The train was very overcrowded so I had to stand all the way. It also ran very slowly and arrived 15 minutes late. Apart from that it was all fine.

So now I find myself at the very posh Møller Centre in the ground of Churchill College where I am staying the night. It’s just a stones throw from the Kavli Centre, where tomorrow’s exam will take place.

And so to bed.

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