We Will All Go Together When We Go


One Response to “We Will All Go Together When We Go”

  1. Anton Garrett Says:

    Actually I think the probability of an imminent apocalypse just went down. In Syria the realistic alternatives are Assad and ISIS. Of those two Assad is obviously the lesser of two evils and should be the choice of the West. Obama and Clinton, however, decided that Assad was not a very nice man, and as they couldn’t very well support ISIS they backed a third group. Apart from being no-hopers pragmatically, this third group happened to be al-Qaeda (from whom ISIS was originally an extreme spin-off). That means Obama had the USA backing the people who did 9/11 – and also risked a confrontation between US and Russian forces backing their respective parties in Syria, when he could have forged an historic alliance between the USA and Russia against the most terroristic form of Islamic fundamentalism. Thanks to that mistake, ISIS is still going and Russia has gained new leverage in the Middle East. Trump is simply not interested in entering civil wars for altruism and leaving a huge mess behind him. The world remains a dangerous place and I continue to regret the choice of candidates in the US election, but not everything is appalling.

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