Nailing Cosmological Jelly to the Wall

When asked to provide comments for a recent piece about cosmology in New Scientist, all I could come up with was the quote in the following excerpt:

But no measurement will rule out inflation entirely, because it doesn’t make specific predictions. “There is a huge space of possible inflationary theories, which makes testing the basic idea very difficult,” says Peter Coles at Cardiff University, UK. “It’s like nailing jelly to the wall.”

Certain of my colleagues have cast doubt on whether I am qualified to comment on the nailing of jelly to the wall, so I feel obliged to share the results of my highly successful research into this in the form of the following photograph:

I regret that I was unable to find any Dark Jelly, so had to settle for the more familiar baryonic type. Also, for the record, I should point out that what is shown is actually jelly concentrate. A similar experiment with the more normal diluted form of jelly was somewhat less successful.

I hope this clarifies the situation.


6 Responses to “Nailing Cosmological Jelly to the Wall”

  1. Is it a copy of an artistic work? Magritte?

  2. Anton Garrett Says:

    What was the temperature of the jelly?

  3. Toffeenose Says:

    Was it in outer space distant from any other significant mass, or on a horizontal wall on earth?

  4. Could you expand a bit on the concept of ‘walls’ and ‘nails’ in an inflationary Universe? I think I get the jelly.

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