6 Responses to “Science Made Too Simple”

  1. Sorry for distracting people on twitter with my silly eye-sight comments! I hope you get some comments from readers who have read the post with their eyes open! It’s worth the effort!

  2. Bryn Jones Says:

    Over a decade ago, some research of a collaboration I was part of was published in a high-profile journal. A number of journalists made contact around the day of publication: somebody somewhere was promoting our research to the media, and it wasn’t the members of the collaboration. It may have been our universities’ press offices, or the journal, or both.

    So research can be hyped by people other than the scientists who carried it out.

  3. Adrian Burd Says:

    Peter, on the whole I agree about scientists improving their communications with the public. However, cosmologists tend not to get death threats, threats of violence against their family, law suits, and other forms of harassment aimed at them when they talk to the public. That kind of reaction creates a very different set of considerations when one thinks about talking to the public.

    • Who does? Those teaching evolution, targetted by Islamic fundamentalists and white-trash Bible-beaters?

      • Adrian Burd Says:

        And climate scientists…colleagues of mine here at UGA received death threats last year for their Nature paper estimating the impacts of sea level rise on human populations along the east coast of the US. These are actually quite concerning, because as was seen in events like the recent Pizza restaurant fiasco, there are enough idiots with guns in the US to take such apparently idle threats quite seriously.

  4. I know someone who was interviewed for a multi-page article in a leading, serious, news magazine, discussing his scientific work. The interview took about an hour. The article was OK. There was a small, passport-size portrait of the scientist in the article. I later learned that after the interview, the magazine rang up again, saying that a photo was needed, and sent a photographer. The photographers stayed for a couple of hours.

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