Chance’s Beard to Darwin

One of my global team of unpaid researchers emailed me to tell about this short video, one of a series called Curious Objects commissioned by Cambridge University, which tells the story of a rather hairy encounter between Charles Darwin and a man called Dr Frank Chance. Dr Chance attempted to counter Darwin’s claim in Descent of Man that beard hair is always lighter than hair on the head – and went as far as sharing some of his own trimmings with the great man himself (although he seems to have had plenty of his own).

Is it true that beard hair is always lighter than scalp hair? And what about other hair…..the downstairs kind even?


2 Responses to “Chance’s Beard to Darwin”

  1. telescoper Says:

    My own hair is dark brown/black but greying. My beard has more red in it than black but also more grey; it’s variegated. My other hair is not for pub(l)ic discussion…

  2. Anton Garrett Says:

    I was wondering if you and I counted as “curious objects commissioned by Cambridge University”?

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