The writer of this post – known as “GavTheBrexit” on Twitter – invites readers to share it, so I’m doing so now.
Anyone with any knowledge of physics whatsoever (even pre-GCSE) is invited to comment on the “theory” presented in the post.

Is it now official UKIP policy to repeal the laws of gravity?

P.S. Note the widespread use of “FASHCAPS”…



Well science tells us GRAVITY is a magnetic force keeping us and all on the PLANET EARTH.

So let’s go with SCIENCE even though i have little respect for it in many cases as much of it are THEORIES , just as it is with GRAVITY ??,

We are told a man called ISAAC NEWTON gravity-is-a-liediscovered gravity and what its effects are after seeing an APPLE fall from a tree.Well i am here to say this is UTTER RUBBISH.

So let’s go with Newton’s THEORY and that’s all it is a theory ?? no PROOF whatsoever exists to this day to conclusively PROVE GRAVITY.But for the sake of this article we will go along with Newton’s theory.

Now Newton’s THEORY is basically we are stuck to earth due to a MAGNETIC force or an ATTRACTION of sorts ?.

Now this would make sense if we didn’t have MASS…

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13 Responses to “GRAVITY now DEBUNKED ????”

  1. bigastrodaddy Says:

    i didnt know apples were magnetic… come to think of it i didnt know i was…

    • telescoper Says:

      I’m sure they are. That’s why they always point North.

      • Nope… I just checked… I have a strong (N52) Neodymium magnet on my desk, so I went and got an apple out of the kitchen… Nope… The apple is NOT ferromagnetic (attracted by a magnetic field).

  2. Bryn Jones Says:

    Another excellent example of the Dunning-Kruger effect, of course.

  3. Poe’s Law, anyone?

    • telescoper Says:

      I don’t think it’s a parody. I had a few rounds with him on Twitter and I think he’s a genuine nutjob.

  4. Anton Garrett Says:

    He’s right, of course; the inverse square law doesn’t apply to the attraction due to an infinite flat earth.

  5. I had not heard of this guy. Is he a fruitcake or is he a troll just winding us up? I read several posts and couldn’t make up my mind

    • telescoper Says:

      I had a “discussion” with him on Twitter. I don’t think it’s a parody. I think he’s a genuine crazy.

  6. It’s really very sad that the level of education is so incredibly low within basic Science education that someone has to question gravity as a concept. This guy clearly doesn’t understand circular motion (or magnetism) and one of the replies, from an astrophysicist no less, is totally wrong.

    The astrophysicist says there is no force on you when on the spinning Earth, because you are moving at a constant velocity, so there is no acceleration and F = ma. Do Universities even teach circular motion, vectors and acceleration any more? My Year 8 students would not answer in this way (OK, I have a bespoke course for them on space etc but they do know that when you are in circular motion you are accelerating).

  7. Apples are denser than air. They fall from trees. With or without manmade gravity notion. The FE propaganda stemming from the Flat Earth Society is the real issue. We are motionless, not continually travelling upward. FE Society are propaganda rhetoric.

    • Gravity is a hoax, helium floats because it’s ‘LIGHTER” than air, Air is REAL, we breathe it, Gravity is Fake, weigh a empty balloon on a digital scale, then blow up your balloon and weigh it=same then mount your digital scale upside down and fill your balloon with helium and then weigh your balloon on the upside down digital scale, the balloon still has weight according to the upside down digital scale so it’s weight and mass falls down it’s not pulled down by gravity, weight works in reverse, not gravity…

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