Working for the Yankee Dollar

While bracing myself to endure the nauseating spectacle of a British Prime Minister grovelling to the abominable Donald Trump in a desperate attempt to interest him in a trade deal, and sacrifice the National Health Service in the process, I suddenly had two flashbacks to the days of my youth (specifically 1979).

The first was to the TV series Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy. Near the end, Bill Haydon, who has been revealed as a Russian “mole” and traitor to his country laments his country’s abject willingness to prostitute itself on behalf of the United States of America and explains that he decided to become a Soviet agent when he realised that “Britain had become America’s streetwalker”.

Coincidentally (?), this record by Scottish punk band The Skids was was also released in 1979:

Given the recent antics of the UK government I feel more confident than ever that Scottish independence will be a reality very soon.


4 Responses to “Working for the Yankee Dollar”

  1. I agree, but given the US would be a strong ally, a little hypocrisy could go a long way in politics. I expect Trump will be targeted by an assassin eventually.

    • telescoper Says:

      Our natural allies are in Europe. It’s madness to alienate them the way our government has done.

    • Adrian Burd Says:

      What is more likely to happen is that the Republicans will grab all they can over the next 6-12 months (tax cuts for wealthy, ban abortion, etc. etc. ) and then use one of the myriad unconstitutional or illegal activities Trump is engaged in to impeach him themselves and then put someone like Pence (or even Ryan if Pence gets caught up in impeachment too) in the oval office.

      • Keep in mind that although Trump is an impulsive clown, the less flamboyant Republicans are often much more conservative on all issues and won’t flip-flop like Trump has. Trump, as crazy as it sounds, is probably the least of many possible evils.

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