The Trump Protest in Cardiff

Last night I joined in a protest in Cardiff against Donald Trump’s executive order curtailing the US refugee programme and suspending the right of entry to the USA to people with perfectly valid documentation who were born in Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen. In effect, it’s a Muslim Ban. Coincidentally, the Muslim countries exempted from the order include Saudi Arabia, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates are all places where Trump has business interests.

This unconscionable and unconstitutional order has led to detentions and forced deportations in clear violation of the Geneva convention. There’s a Nature piece giving some examples of scientists it has affected, to illustrate the damage done already. I find it a disgrace that our government has failed to voice its disapproval of this order, and I’m apparently not alone. Despite just a day’s notice, thousands turned out for protests across the United Kingdom, including Cardiff, where we assembled at about 6.30pm near the statue of Aneurin Bevan on Queen Street.


Despite the pouring rain the numbers built up impressively until the street became very crowded. It wasn’t very easy to count the people there but I’m very confident that they numbered well over a thousand. That’s not as large as the demonstration in London that happened at the same time, but it’s a start.

There were some speeches and chanting and lots of witty signs and we marched up and down Queen Street making an enjoyable noise. It was all very good-humoured, but behind it all was a deep sense of alarm that the President of the United States of America has revealed himself to be nothing but a fascist. Yes, I mean a fascist -that’s precisely what he is. More and more people are going to come to that conclusion over the next few weeks and months and if and when he ever does come to the United Kingdom on a State Visit, there’ll be demonstrations against him. Our political masters may be prepared to sell this country to Trump, but I don’t think ordinary people will stand for it.

7 Responses to “The Trump Protest in Cardiff”

  1. Adrian Burd Says:

    We’ve been protesting over here too, and calling senators and congress folks. The latest news (about Trump firing the temporary AG etc.) and his tweets are appalling. He is a sociopath, and it’s really frightening being here as a green card holder at the moment, even though I’m not from one of the countries affected, because one doesn’t know what he’s going to do next.

  2. Yes, trump’s ban is fascistic and directly aimed at muslim countries he can pick on with minimal financial and political repercussions. However, as a secular woman living in a Muslim country, what I find to be a direct violation of my human rights is when my children are forced into a religious education I do not want or believe in, or when my daughter’s inheritance rights are not the same as my son’s or if my son turns out to be gay he would live in social exclusion or the fact that I need to use the word “secular” as a code word as the more accurate description of my belief is punishable by death. So perhaps it is time for “us” muslims to reflect on why the western world reacting in such racist and discriminatory way that it is willing to listen to an orange kkk backed clown to keep us out. I do feel for people who are trying to make a life in the US but personally, going to Cali for my holidays is way down on my human rights list.

    • telescoper Says:

      Indeed. I have long argued that the only genuine democracy is based on an entirely secular state, in which all faiths are respected but none allowed to dictate to the others.

      • Adrian Burd Says:

        That is arguably what the founders of the US were aiming for, and this comes across in their writings and letters. But that has pretty much gone by the wayside in recent years.

  3. telescoper Says:

    Just a quick reminder to any Trumpkin Trolls out there that I don’t accept anonymous comments or comments I consider to be abusive.

    And to the person who – among a stream of other abuse – described me as a “Millennial Crybaby” I’d like to point out that I’m way too old to be a Millennial and that neither I nor anybody else was crying at the demonstration last night.

    Still, I hope he or she doesn’t cry when he or she realizes I’ve blocked his comment.

  4. Bryn Jones Says:

    Well done, Peter, for attending the demonstration. I too am appalled by the crude Trump executive ban on travel into the United States for citizens of some countries.

    However, I would be very careful about pinning some labels on people, however much we might disagree with their views. I feel terms such as `fascist’ should be used only when we are sure that they apply: misuse blunts the meaning of the word when we need to use it in cases when it applies accurately. It is also unfair when it is used inappropriately.

    Trump is crude, rude, sexist, discriminatory, ignorant of the rights of minorities, naive, ignorant of legal and constitutional processes, blundering, and many other things. He may or may not be a fascist, but I do not see the evidence yet that would make me prepared to use that word.

    There are lots of other words I’d be prepared to use, not all of them polite.

  5. A colleague.. Says:

    I am rather pissed off at Theresa May who shamelessly refuses to criticise Trump and still wants to throw red carpet for his visit to the UK. Trump should all together be banned from entering the UK on the basis of fuelling racial divide and religious hatred and “not being conducive to public good” which is a good enough reason to refuse entry in the UK. After all, he being the US president shouldn’t make him exempt from giving ‘hate speech’ and inciting tensions. This incident actually was a turning point for me personally, because as a Brexiter, I now realise why you always believed supporting Brexit amounts to adding fuel to fascists’ fire, because even though my vote was to retain sovereignty, it turns out that, at this point, mainly populists and fascists benefit from it. This past weekend, was also a turning point for me as an Iranian in relation to the UK government, as I looked into transferring my savings back to Iran, rather than paying back my mortgage; because even though Trump closing US borders is ultimately an American choice, inviting him over here is a British choice, while I believe such decisions should be based on British values not economic interests (come on, Theresa and Boris, have a bit of dignity for yourselves.. ). It is totally unacceptable for me to have this despicable invited here…

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