Cosmological perturbation effects on gravitational-wave luminosity distance estimates [CL]

Interesting paper about the effect of cosmological inhomogeneity on gravitational wave propagation. The effect could be import for the more distant sources likely to be detected with future experiments.


Waveforms of gravitational waves provide information about a variety of parameters for the binary system merging. However, standard calculations have been performed assuming a FLRW universe with no perturbations. In reality this assumption should be dropped: we show that the inclusion of cosmological perturbations translates into corrections to the estimate of astrophysical parameters derived for the merging binary systems. We compute corrections to the estimate of the luminosity distance due to velocity, volume, lensing and gravitational potential effects. Our results show that the amplitude of the corrections will be negligible for current instruments, mildly important for experiments like the planned DECIGO, and very important for future ones such as the Big Bang Observer.

Read this paper on arXiv…

D. Bertacca, A. Raccanelli, N. Bartolo, et. al.
Wed, 8 Feb 17

Comments: 16 pages, 3 figures

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