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Time after the Storm

Posted in Uncategorized on February 24, 2017 by telescoper

Thankfully my journey back to Cardiff today was trouble-free. The trains from Lincoln to Nottingham and from Nottingham to Cardiff both ran to schedule and neither was at all overcrowded. In fact it was all rather pleasant.

I took this as we travelled along by the side of the River Severn 

The Severn Bridge was visible in the distance but I’m not sure you can see it in the picture.

I used to make this journey quite often. I worked in Nottingham until the end of June 2007, after which I joined the staff of Cardiff University. It took some time to sell my house in Nottingham, however, so I didn’t fully relocate until the following year. In the meantime I rented a flat in Cardiff and travelled quite frequently to and fro to attend to the house in Nottingham.
I haven’t done that journey for about nine years. The area around Nottingham station has changed a bit in the intervening years, but I didn’t have time to see much else as I only had a brief wait for the connection to Cardiff.

When I did get back to Cardiff, I noticed during my walk home from the station through Sophia Gardens that the daffodils have appeared:

I realise that there’s not much about Astrophysics in this post, so I’ll mention that it’s exactly 30 years since the Supernova 1987a was detected (on 24th February 1987). Have a look here to see what’s been going on in the remnant over the years. It’s fascinating!

I remember the news of SN1987a very well. I was at Sussex at the time as a research student, and there was huge excitement primarily because neutrinos had been detected from the explosion – only a handful, but it was an important breakthrough. 

Thirty years since the Supernova, almost ten years since I left Nottingham. Where does the time go?