A Picture of Theresa May 

Apparently our Prime Minister has requested that the following picture be removed from Google’s  image search facility.

If she’d like me to remove it from this blog, I will do so if she posts a comment below explaining why I should.

4 Responses to “A Picture of Theresa May ”

  1. telescoper Says:

    I suspect that she’s embarrassed at being photographed wearing such horrible shoes…

  2. One question is whether she has changed her mind or merely following the vote. One certainly wouldn’t want a PM to refuse to implement something just because it differs from her own personal view.

    If she is following the vote, the question arises as to up to which level should one implement laws, and above which level should one resign rather than implementing something one doesn’t agree with.

  3. ag245@cantab.net Says:

    I think is the shoes…

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