R.I.P. Gary Steigman 

I was saddened today to hear from friends and colleagues of the death of Professor Gary Steigman (above).

Gary was a leading figure in the theory of cosmological nucleosynthesis, ie the formation of light elements by nuclear fusion reactions in the Big Bang. As well as being an eminent scientist he was also a warm, generous and extremely likeable human being. Our paths crossed only a few times, the last time being some years ago, but I remember him very well for his kindly and courteous manner. He’ll be greatly missed by a great many people.

Rest in peace, Gary Steigman.

One Response to “R.I.P. Gary Steigman ”

  1. Shantanu Says:

    RIP. His works are very inspiring. He (along with M. Turner) also coined the term “WIMP”.

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