The Immortal Regiment in Cardiff

I was walking along Queen Street in Cardiff last night when I encountered a group of people – mainly women and children – singing and marching in front of me with flags, banners and photographs of men in uniform decorated with medals, all escorted by a couple of police officers. I couldn’t figure out who they were from behind so I caught up with them and asked one of their number what it was all about.

It turned out to be a local (Cardiff) version of the Immortal Regiment March, part of Russian celebrations of victory in World War Two (`The Great Patriotic War’) which take place on 10th May, one day later than our own VE Day. This is a huge event in Russia, involving many millions of people. The Cardiff event was, of course, relatively small but many of those marching were direct relatives of people who gave their lives during the Second World War. Those were the photographs they were carrying.

There has been a sizable Russian community in Cardiff for many years, large enough to sustain a Russian Orthodox Church and various community organizations throughout the city. More than a few of the academic staff of Cardiff University are of Russian origin. Yesterday’s march was a timely reminder not only of the horrors endured by so many on the Eastern front but also of the fact that Cardiff is a wonderfully cosmopolitan city.


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