Captain SKA – Liar Liar

I don’t know why, but every time I go onto Youtube these days I get a horrible Conservative Party propaganda video. Obviously some sort of algorithm has decided to inflict this crap on me because I’m deemed to be likely to be persuaded to vote for the Tories. I can promise them that this is not the case. The Tories may win next week’s election, but this campaign has revealed Theresa May as thoroughly cowardly and dishonest, despite her best efforts to hide from public scrutiny. I will be voting for Welsh Labour.

Anyway, I’ve decided to retaliate by posting this: it’s Liar Liar by Captain SKA. It’s in the top ten of the UK singles chart, but the BBC refuses to play it. I can’t compete with the Beeb, but every little helps….

9 Responses to “Captain SKA – Liar Liar”

  1. Anton Garrett Says:

    Doesn’t happen to me. (Nor would I wish it to!) Have you Adblocking software, and do you think it would make a difference? (For extra points: is adblocking unethical?)

    • telescoper Says:

      I obviously fit some sort of profile. I dread to think what!

      I don’t have ad blocking software. Does it stop those video ads that come on before the video you selected?

      • Anton Garrett Says:

        As I have adblocking software and have never seen these ads, I suppose so.

    • Adblocking was described as unethical by John Whittingdale. Which was the thing which alerted me to its usefulness and prompted me to install it. It certainly speeds up loading for a number of pages.

  2. Fabrizio Leisen Says:

    Given the volatility of the polls, I wonder if having this song in the top ten is a good sign for Labour. Maybe I tend to be too much optimistic but I still hope to see a miracle next week!

    • telescoper Says:

      It seems to be entirely dependent on turnout- as with the 2015 election and the referendum – and the pollsters don’t know how to correct reliably for likelihood of voting.

      The latest IPSOS MORI poll shows Labour ahead 43-40 overall, but Tories ahead 45-40 after using their turnout model.

      All we can say is that this hasn’t gone the way the PM intended. Although I still think the Tories will win, I think May is going to be badly damaged by this fiasco.

  3. The latest tory “attack ad”, cut to make it seem as if Jeremy Corbyn did not condemn IRA bombing when he did, confirms that the tories are entirely unfit to govern. Whatever your constituency, con side who has the best chance of keeping the tories out. Whether it be Labour, Lib Dem, Green, Plaid or SNP. Or SDLP or Alliance. Vote to keep the tories out.

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