Poster Syndrome 

I’ve taken these posters down from my window, now that the General Election is over, but I haven’t thrown them away. Something tells me I might be needing them again before too long..


3 Responses to “Poster Syndrome ”

  1. But will the outcome be any different? Both main parties were presenting extrema of the spectrum. When all main parties are unelectable, it is perhaps no surprise that noone wins. And It appears that when a country is so polarised, the political centre become equally unelectable.

    • telescoper Says:

      If that’s what you think, are you surprised that the turnout was the highest in a General Election for 25 years?

      • Best thing about this election. I wish those new voters had shown up last year. Young and poorer people have been big losers in the past few years and it is good that they saw a chance to be heard. And I too would love to see a workable solution to the tuition fee crisis, preferably involving abolishing them.

        The political choice was between hard right-wing, and credit-card christmas. Labour appealed very well to the dis-possessed, and good luck to them. But I felt that with a leader who could have appealed to both sides of the spectrum, they would have won and won rather easily. As it was, they did much better than had been feared, but they fought a party that bordered on becoming repulsive and still lost. Everyone lost.

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