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Astronomy Look-alikes, No. 98

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I’ve been reminded that it has been a while since I last posted an Astronomy Look-alike so I was wondering if anyone else has noticed the spectacular similarity between Professor Will Percival of the University of Portsmouth and TV presenter Richard Osman? Is it pointless to ask whether they might possibly be related?


From the Cavendish Committee Room

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The annual cycle of academic life has brought me once again to as External Examiner for Natural Sciences (Physics) at the famous Midlands University called Cambridge, so I’m getting ready to take the train there. We’ve just finished the meeting for Part II of the Tripos examination, had a quick buffet lunch and are waiting for the official pass lists to be produced and signed.

Here’s a picture of the Cavendish laboratory where we are located:


The Committee room that we’ve been in all morning has no windows, which means we’re missing out on the sunny weather but at least it means we’re not distracted from the job at hand. Obviously I can’t write about the details, but I can assure you that we do as thorough a job as possible. Once we’ve signed sealed and delivered the Part II results it will be time to start work on Part III in advance of the meeting tomorrow morning.

Anyway, we’re almost ready to resume so toodle-pip!