A Day/Night County Match

After two very busy weeks I decided to take a couple of days off to watch the County Championship match between Glamorgan and Derbyshire at the SSE Swalec Stadium here in Cardiff.

It turns out that this match is something of a landmark in that it’s the first ever Day/Night County match to be held in Wales.

The format of this match is like a regular 4-day County game except that each day’s play starts at 2pm rather than the usual 11am. This means that the “lunch” interval is taken at 4pm instead of 1pm, and “tea” is taken at 6.40. Play is scheduled to continue, with the aid of floodlights, until 9pm.

Oh, and they’re using a rather lurid pink ball…

I can see why they are trying this out: to see if they can get more people coming after work or school than would come with the usual 6pm close. At the moment (3.45pm) the attendance is about average for a county game…

I don’t like this new format, however, got two reasons. One is that it wastes three hours of daylight. I like to watch my cricket sitting in the sunshine rather in the twilight. As it happens, it was a beautiful morning in Cardiff today. I had the day off and would have relished watching the morning session basking in the sun. I couldn’t because there wasn’t one.

The other reason I don’t like it is that it finishes too late to have dinner at a reasonable hour. The food and drink available at the Swalec – particularly the beer – is overpriced and not of high quality, so I shall probably leave at the start of the tea interval. Unless it gets very exciting..

At the moment, Derbyshire are 68 for 1 off 24 overs. Madsen and Godleman not looking entirely comfortable but digging in.

UPDATE: It’s 5pm, Derbyshire are 104 for 2, and the lights have come on:

Glamorgan were quite slow getting through their overs so the Tea interval wasn’t taken until 7.09pm, with the fall of the 7th Derbyshire wicket with the score on 157. A good bowling performance from Glamorgan, but I decided to go home and make some dinner rather than stay for the last session. Quite a few others  left at the same time.

Play finished at about 10pm. Derbyshire rallied to finish on 288 all out, and Glamorgan batted two overs for 5 without loss. Appropriately enough, Glamorgan sent in a Night Watchman (Tim van den Gugten) to open the innings.

2 Responses to “A Day/Night County Match”

  1. Anton Garrett Says:

    It’s not a good idea as the playing conditions vary greatly during the time of play.

    • Simon Kemp Says:

      Also if you go to a one-day floodlit game you tend to stay to the end to see the result, but unless you get a perfect balmy summer evening I can’t imagine many people will stay out there shivering until 10pm….

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