Birthday Spam!

I am reliably informed that the form of tinned meat known as Spam was first made available to the public exactly eighty years ago today, on 5th July 1937. The product is manufactured by the American Hormel Food Corporation, who own the trademark of the name.

Spam came to Britain largely because of the Second World War, during which food was in very short supply and  it was imported in large quantities via the Atlantic convoys. It was also part of a GI’s standard rations. I have to admit that I haven’t eaten spam for quite a long time, though I had it regularly when I was younger. It was served quite often as part of my school dinner, but I particularly enjoyed it in the form of a spam fritter from the local fish & chip shop:

And, finally, no discussion of spam would be complete without this..


2 Responses to “Birthday Spam!”

  1. Alas, your enthusiasm for spam is not shared by all. While my partner was an undergrad at Cambridge, one of his peers stood for election to the JCR committee on a platform of “No more spam fritters!” I understand that he was duly elected, and consequently got spam fritters removed from the college lunch menu. My partner was less happy, as he quite likes spam.

  2. Many other comedy troupes could have come up with the basic skit, but only the genius of Monty Python could have added the Vikings.

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