Mapping the Universe

Following yesterday’s post, here’s a nice visualisation of how much (and indeed how little) of the Universe the latest galaxy surveys have mapped.

In this animation the Earth is at the centre, and the dots represent observed galaxies, with distances are estimated using redshifts Every blue dot in the animation is a galaxy measured by the Dark Energy Survey. Gold dots are galaxies in the DES supernova fields (measured by OzDES) and red dots are from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey. The dark space in between the surveys is yet to be mapped….

One Response to “Mapping the Universe”

  1. I like this observation by Maarten Schmidt:

    Well, briefly, as one of the perpetrators of looking at the distant universe, I find it extraordinary that it is possible with human means, with pieces of glass that are no larger than this room, to see things that are interestingly far out in the universe. Sometimes it strikes me that the universe is much smaller than… All right, here we go. I would have constructed a bigger universe. I think the universe is small. There we go. If I’d had my rathers, I would do that. I find the universe too confined. I find it amazing it’s so small.

    This is from

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