Crossed Words

I’m abroad at the moment so failed to take my regular Sunday morning stroll to the local newsagent to pick up a copy of the Observer. I had to rely on Twitter, therefore, to tell me that I’ve won another prize in the Everyman competition.

It looks like I’ll be distributing some more dictionaries when I get back to Cardiff! Unfortunately, though, the books will probably arrive before I return so I’ll have to traipse off to the sorting office to collection them…

Incidentally, in the last Azed competition (No. 2351) I got a `Highly Commended’ for my clue for the (somewhat obscure) target word RHAGADES:

Root has a northern-style slash at ones not on cracks (8)

As usual, though, the winning clues were far better than mine! I won’t have time to do the latest competition puzzle, which is a shame because it involves a Playfair codeword, like the one I blogged about here.

P.S. The rubric for the latest Azed puzzle refers to `four clues in italics’ but I don’t see any clues in italics (at least in the online version)…

5 Responses to “Crossed Words”

  1. Steve Warren Says:

    Nah I don’t get it. Please translate. I get the ‘es’ but not the rest of it.

    • telescoper Says:

      RAD around `HAG’. RAD is an abbreviation for RADIX meaning `root’ and HAG is a Northern word for hack or slash. Cracks is the definition (RHAGADES are a kind of cracks in the skin).

  2. Steve Warren Says:

    HAG was too obscure for this softy southerner. I did google it but didn’t find anything. I even found a Geordie dictionary but it wasn’t there. Still, I appreciated the cricket.

  3. Steve Warren Says:

    Ah. Perhaps you could spare one?

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