A Picture of Peter Cvitanovic

The angry chap on the right (appropriately enough) on this image taken at the violent demonstration at Charlottesville Va at the weekend is a white nationalist  member of the alt-right white supremacist Nazi by the name of Peter Cvjetanovic.

Apparently Peter is unhappy that his picture is being shared so widely on the internet. Life is tough sometimes.

And, yes, I mean Nazi.


6 Responses to “A Picture of Peter Cvitanovic”

  1. Anton Garrett Says:

    One hopes he has a great-uncle or something who fought in World War 2 and can educate him…

    • Given that the name is originally from Croatia, it is not completely clear this hypothetical ancestor fought against Nazis rather than for them as a member of the Ustaša.

      • Anton Garrett Says:

        Ustaša are more likely to have cleared out to South America than North, like their boss Ante Pavelić who hid for nearly three years in Vatican buildings in Rome (most of them not within Vatican City, but having similar immunity), moving between buildings with bodyguards in cars with Vatican plates. Once it became clear that Pavelić could not raise forces to take Croatia back from communism, his escape to Argentina was expedited.

  2. Chris Long, NFL player from Charlottesville, summed this up perfectly. “Evolution will favour the self-assured, not man-babies with tiki torches or people playing militia”.

    Mind you, the idiots in the top photo probably don’t believe in evolution.

  3. He must be really annoyed that he has a Slavic name. 😐

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