Random Image

No time for a proper post today so here’s a random* picture made by my student, Will..

*In some sense…

5 Responses to “Random Image”

  1. In the RGB space with values of the colors ranging from 0 to 255 all the points of your picture are generated on the plane defined by points Red=[255;0;0], Blue=[0;0;255], White=[255;255;255]. But they are not generated uniformly – the vicinity of the white vertex is strongly preferred and the red side of the triangle is preferred to the blue one.

  2. It might just be the colour scale, but that doesn’t look quite Gaussian…

  3. Hello, I am the Will of which Peter speaks. The noise map here isn’t Gaussian noise it’s noise sampled from a uniform distribution (for the purposes of testing my power spectra routines it didn’t matter). The way the figure looks is due to sampling of the RGB colourspace of 10^7 points. A lower resolution figure of this, 10^4 points, you can see even RGB sampling. Also low & high res noise maps sampled from a Gaussian distribution look… well… Gaussian.

  4. Chris Brunt Says:

    asymmetric Levy noise?

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