September at Sophia Gardens

Since it was a fine evening I popped in at the SSE SWALEC Stadium in Sophia Gardens on the way home from work to catch the last few overs of Day 1 of the County Championship match between Glamorgan and Gloucestershire.

For a change, and despite  losing two quick wickets while I watched,  Glamorgan are in a reasonably strong position at 342 for 7 off 96 overs at the end of Day 1, with young Kiran Carlson unbeaten on 137. That’s not bad considering that, having been put in to bat, they had been 63 for 4 at one stage.

It’s been a disappointing season in the County Championship for Glamorgan, who have only won two games out of 12 so far, and there’s not much at stake in this game, but I hope they can get a good result in this, their last game of the season in Cardiff.


15 Responses to “September at Sophia Gardens”

  1. Congratulations to Kiran Carlson and Andrew Salter on their highest first-class scores! I watched the last two overs on the live streaming and it seemed a pleasant autunmal day, and certainly one of Glamorgan’s best 1st days of the season. They seem to have sent Rudolph off to early retirement though.

    • Not so autumnal, actually: it was rather warm! Yes, I was disappointed to see Rudolph wasn’t playing. He’s retiring at the end of this season so it would have been nice to have the chance to say goodbye to him!

      • To be fair Rudolph’s first-class average for the season is in the 20s, and last season was even lower I think. So he hasn’t done too much to keep his place, though he was brilliant in the T20’s.

      • And Ingram is only playing limited-overs cricket next season. Glamorgan will need to find a couple of higher-order batsmen.

      • Anton Garrett Says:

        If you find them, post them to the England team!

    • P.s. Salter was out to the first ball I watched.

  2. Anton Garrett Says:

    You went! Well done, I’ve already decided not to go to Old Trafford for Lancashire’s last match next week since we can’t now catch Essex, who fully deserve the championship. Next season…

  3. At least Glamorgan are in no danger of relegation (or promotion)

    • Also they can’t finish bottom..

      • Anton Garrett Says:

        A resal achievement by Durham not to, given the points that they had deducted pre-season. It seems the bottom has dropped out of one of their stands though…

      • That’s a very odd and concerning thing. I hope it doesn’t indicate a serious structural problem.

        The departure of players is also a concern for Durham.

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