I’m more than happy to draw the attention my readership to the fact that the fine country of Australia is home to a new organization called Australian Research and Space Exploration, henceforth known as ARSE:

I haven’t managed to get to the bottom of who was responsible for the acronym, but I’m sure the new venture will aim to rear a generation of new researchers who won’t bum around and that other countries will soon follow behind.

P.S. Yes, it is a fake. However it did remind me that one of the institutions at which I have previously worked almost created an `Academic Registry for Science and Engineering’. They got as far as making letterheads and everything. The volume of comments from the staff led them to scrap the name at the very last minute.

3 Responses to “ARSE News”

  1. I’m glad that you got to the bottom of this!

  2. Not a unique failing…To quote Wkipedia; “After the 2005 general election the DTI was renamed to the Department for Productivity, Energy and Industry,[6] but the name reverted to Department of Trade and Industry less than a week later,[7] after widespread derision, including some from the Confederation of British Industry.”….

  3. Anton Garrett Says:

    Angular Resolved Secondary Electron Spectroscopy to you!

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