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A Passage to India

Posted in Biographical, Uncategorized on October 7, 2017 by telescoper

So. Here I am at Gate A10 at Heathrow Terminal 5 waiting to board a flight to Mumbai whence I shall be travelling to Pune for a conference on cosmology at which I’ll be giving an invited talk.

I’ll be back online when I get to the other side, but for the time being there will be a short interruption…’s 2.30am tomorrow local time, but still 10pm today UK time. The driver who is taking me from Mumbai to Pune has stopped the car and  is having a short break as we’ve still got another couple of hours to go.

Well, I finally made it to IUCAA about 4.30 in the morning local time (midnight UK time). After doing the paperwork I was led to my guest room and then crashed out. It’s now about 12.45 and I’ve only been up an hour! My body clock must still be on UK time!

Although the Boeing 767 that brought me to Mumbai was very full, the trip was relatively smooth and on schedule. I have to admit that my heart sank when I saw how crowded the immigration hall was. That’s not really what you want to see after a long hour flight, but to be fair I’ve seen worse at Heathrow. Anyway, it took about an hour to get through the passport check etc and was then met by the driver of the car that had been sent to meet me.

It’s still monsoon time in this part of India and it was raining off and on but it was still warm when I left the terminal building, about 28 degrees in fact. It’s quite sunny today in Pune.

The car journey wasn’t quite long though mainly on an `Express Way’. At some point the volume of traffic made it quite scary, as my car dodged between heavy lorries. Lane discipline isn’t really a thing around here! I was thinking I might doze in the car but it was a bit of a white knuckle ride so I remained awake the whole time. That probably accounts for why I was so tired on arrival. Either that or I’m just getting old.