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The Old Year’s Blog Statistics

Posted in Biographical on January 2, 2018 by telescoper

I’ve been back in the office (in Cardiff) today, where I’ve got through quite a lot of work – as well as doing my tax return at lunchtime – owing to the fact that there’s nobody else here. I’m about to go home and try to figure out which assortment of bins to put out but before doing that I thought I’d do a quick blog about the blog.

Once upon a time, in the good old days, WordPress used to publish the annual statistical summary page for its bloggers, but it discontinued that practice last year so now I’ll just write my own brief summary based on the data available via the usual dashboard. First, however, a picture:

Now, for those interested I got about 413K hits this year, just over 1100 a day, with about 212K unique views. That’s up a bit since last year, probably because I’ve posted more (442 articles this year, including reblogs). The two most popular posts were about the Bullying Scandal in Zurich and on the rumours surrounding a gravitational waves from a source in NGC 4993 (proved later to be true).

In 2017 there were 2610 comments on this blog, up about 10% on last year. No prizes for guessing who wrote the most comments.

Altogether since this blog started in 2008 to the end of 2017, it has been viewed 3,371,843 times by a total of 1,094,975 unique visitors (though, obviously, all my visitors are unique). I passed 3 million reads and 1 million visitors during the course of last year.


Love in the Asylum

Posted in Poetry with tags , , on January 2, 2018 by telescoper

A stranger has come
To share my room in the house not right in the head,
A girl mad as birds

Bolting the night of the door with her arm her plume.
Strait in the mazed bed
She deludes the heaven-proof house with entering clouds

Yet she deludes with walking the nightmarish room,
At large as the dead,
Or rides the imagined oceans of the male wards.

She has come possessed
Who admits the delusive light through the bouncing wall,
Possessed by the skies

She sleeps in the narrow trough yet she walks the dust
Yet raves at her will
On the madhouse boards worn thin by my walking tears.

And taken by light in her arms at long and dear last
I may without fail
Suffer the first vision that set fire to the stars.

by Dylan Thomas (1914-1953)