Maynooth joins the Euclid Community

There’s a nice webpage showing all the institutions around the world who belong to the consortium behind the European Space Agency’s Euclid Mission. Here’s a screen grab that shows all the logos of all the institutions involved in this very large Consortium:

There are so many that it’s hard to see them all, but if you look very closely about half way down, among the Ms, you will see Maynooth University among them. This is the first institution in Ireland to have joined the Euclid Consortium and it has just been officially added thanks to yours truly moving there later this year. Ireland is a member state of the European Space Agency, by the way.

One Response to “Maynooth joins the Euclid Community”

  1. One often hears that such large projects are too large for one institution or country; one needs to have 20 or 30 institutions or countries. But each institution or country is involved in 20 or 30 such projects. Sure, it distributes the risk, but also the glory. Putting all of one’s eggs in one basket has dangers (risk of one but big failure) and can hinder collaboration. On the other hand, it can make communication more efficient.

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