Today’s Earthquake in Wales

Just after 2.30 this afternoon I felt a vibration of my house in Cardiff, initially like a heavy truck going outside but then a distinct ‘bump’. The whole house moved, but only for less than a second and no damage ensued.

I thought it was a minor tremor, and out of curiosity I looked on Twitter to see how widespread were the reports. The answer was very:

It seems it was an earthquake of Magnitude 4.7, centered near (or, presumably, under) Neath. That’s actually pretty big by UK standards.

Thankfully I don’t think anyone has been hurt.

Anyone else feel it?

P. S. I learned today that the Welsh word for ‘earthquake’ is daeargryn..

4 Responses to “Today’s Earthquake in Wales”

  1. In Whitchurch in North Cardiff it sounded like the roof of my house moved so I thought it was just a big gust of wind !

  2. Anton Garrett Says:

    How does “daeargryn” decompose, cf earth-quake, please?

    • So the Welsh experts here tell me that `daear’ is one of the words for `earth’ while `argryn’ is an adjective meaning `shaking’ or `shivering’ and `egryn’ is a noun meaning `a tremble’.

    • There’s a joke going round, which I couldn’t possibly repeat, that Saturday’s earthquake struck Swansea City Centre with great force, causing a million pounds worth of improvements.

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