The Beast From The East

From my viewpoint in sunny snow-free Cardiff I can only assume that all this talk of The Beast From The East means that Nikolai Valuev is about to make a comeback to the boxing ring.

Standing a mighty seven foot tall, Valuev is the heaviest and tallest man ever to have been a world boxing champion. He retired from the ring on 2009, but I think he’d still be capable of surviving a few inches of snow…

4 Responses to “The Beast From The East”

  1. Anton Garrett Says:

    Valuev was the tallest and heaviest world champion in boxing history, but he was nevertheless defeated by a man who made his name in the weight division beneath heavyweight, David Haye. Haye weighed nearly 100 pounds less than Valuev and is the only boxer in history to give away at least seven stone in a world championship fight and win.

    • Yes, apart from his sheer size Valuev wasn’t that great as a boxer. Of course I wouldn’t say that to his face, even if I had a box to stand on.

      He was good box office more than good boxer.

  2. Now a member of the Duma (MP). Supporter of Putin. Who knows, it future years he and Vitali Klitschko could end up as their respective countries’ leaders.

  3. […] for February). This is in remarkable contrast with this time last year, when Ireland was facing the Beast from the East. The roads were blocked, the airports were closed, people were panic-buying bread, and the scene on […]

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