Midweek Flight to Dublin

I’ve just arrived in Dublin after the last regular mid-week flight I’ll have to make from Cardiff because of teaching commitments. Last lecture of term in Maynooth tomorrow, and after that I can be more flexible about the travel.

I’ve generally avoided evening flights since the introduction of the summer schedules. Budget airlines such as FlyBe work on very tight schedules and delays tend to accumulate throughout the day, meaning that incoming planes needed to make evening flights are frequently very late. Sometimes they get so late the plane can’t fly because of restrictions on night flights, in which case they are cancelled. This is much less likely with an earlier flight in my experience.

So I took a chance this evening but as it happened there were no delays I got safely on the bus to Maynooth and got to my flight at a reasonable hour. The plane, by the way, was only about a quarter full.

The picture was taken shortly after takeoff from Cardiff Airport, with South Wales underneath and Devon in the distance.

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