Irish Quantum Foundations

I flew back from Cardiff to Dublin this morning in order to attend a conference called Irish Quantum Foundations which is taking place today and tomorrow on the All Hallow’s Campus of Dublin City University, in Drumcondra (Dublin). I usually take the Hopper bus directly to Maynooth from Dublin Airport but today involved a different journey, via the ordinary No. 16 Dublin Bus.Anyway, I got here on time.

I’m speaking just after lunch so I’m not sure how much time I will have to blog about the meeting, but I couldn’t resist posting this little video related to a talk by Emmanuel Fort which demonstrates a purely classical form of wave-particle duality:

I’ll post further comments about talks if and when I get the time!

Evening update: two public talks, the first being by renowned physicist and blogger, Sabine Hossenfelder:

The talk ended with a plug for Sabine’s book, which is out soon.

After a short break we had a second public lecture by Nobel Physics Laureate (2016), Duncan Haldane.

One Response to “Irish Quantum Foundations”

  1. Michel C. Says:

    Particles breaking symmetries… Maybe charge and parity symmetries (CP) are broken because C and P are emergent from specific spacetime configurations (C and P are not fundamental), and time has only one direction in reality. In other words, C and P are broken because T is totally broken.

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