A Mini-Introduction To Information Theory

The last link to an arXiv paper I posted here seems to have proved rather popular so here’s another that I think is well worth reading, this time by Ed Witten:

This article consists of a very short introduction to classical and quantum information theory. Basic properties of the classical Shannon entropy and the quantum von Neumann entropy are described, along with related concepts such as classical and quantum relative entropy, conditional entropy, and mutual information. A few more detailed topics are considered in the quantum case.

It’s not really `very short’ as it is nearly 40 pages long, but it does tackle a very big topic so I won’t quibble about that. You can download a PDF of the full paper here.

As always, comments are welcome through the comments box.

3 Responses to “A Mini-Introduction To Information Theory”

  1. Maybe it is short for Witten. 🙂

    I remember once when a mathematics professor declared something to be trivial. A brave member of the audience pointed out that it wasn’t trivial to him, and the resulting discussion took up about 4 hours. 😐

  2. James Gallagher Says:

    Witten is doing his physics career backwards, this stuff needed to be learnt at undergraduate level.

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