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History of astronomy – reading the classics

Posted in History, The Universe and Stuff on June 7, 2018 by telescoper

I’m sharing this excellent blog post here on this blog for the edification and benefit of anyone interested in the history of astronomy as it contains a really useful list of references and comments related thereto!

The Renaissance Mathematicus

Most non-specialists get their knowledge of the history of astronomy from general surveys of the subject or from even more general surveys of the history of science. The information contained in these on Ptolemaeus, Copernicus and the other boys in the history of astronomy band is often from secondary if not tertiary or even quaternary sources and as a result also often inaccurate if not completely false. The solution to this problem is of course to read the originals but not all of us are blessed with the linguistic abilities necessary to tackle second century Greek or Early Modern Latin, to say nothing of Galileo’s seventeenth century Tuscan. However, the current scholar interested in the classical texts from the history of astronomy is blessed with modern, annotated English translations of these and in this post I want to briefly present these and some secondary literature to assist in understanding them.

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