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Leaving Thoughts

Posted in Uncategorized on July 7, 2018 by telescoper

Despite the distraction of today’s World Cup Quarter Final between England and Sweden I’ve actually been working on a grant application this afternoon ahead of travelling back to Ireland tomorrow.

Yesterday I went out for drinks with the good folk of the Data Innovation Research Institute as a sort of informal leaving party. I’d like to thank Claire, Ben, Owain, Ian, Unai and Cyril for a fun night out and for the card and presents!

I’ll be back in Cardiff for graduation the week after next so they haven’t quite got rid of me yet. Most significantly, some of my stuff is still in the office (in boxes) awaiting removal to Ireland. When I arrived in the DII office two years ago there was only me there. It’s great that the team has grown so quickly, but more importantly that it’s such a nice group of people.

Anyway in the absence of time for a proper post I thought I’d fall back on a standard social media standby, in the form of a picture of a cat. The cat pictured above usually patrols the area outside Maynooth University library but was just basking in the Sun when I stopped to say hello on the way to work the other day.