Quantum Coherence Therapy

I spent an amusing few minutes during lunchtime today looking through a leaflet from a local Maynooth business called Alchemy Holistic Therapies.

Unfortunately their advertised website appears not to be active, but here are a couple of examples of the sort of `therapy’ they offer:

The Quantum Sound Bath sounds a bit noisy to me, but Quantum Coherence Therapy has a good vibe to it. I’m sure it’s all based on proper physics too.


10 Responses to “Quantum Coherence Therapy”

  1. Someone once said that when “quantum” is not followed by “mechanics”, then it is usually suspect.

  2. I’m having a giggle may you guy’s should actually try it out first before commenting. I tried the Quantum Coherence Therapy at Alchemy and it works. As somone who feels energy my whole physical body came back into balance after just one session. Give it a go

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