Blog Endings

I was surprised and disappointed to learn via Twitter that the Guardian is to shut down its science blog network.

I have no idea why the powers that be at the Grauniad took this decision and I’m not sure any of the blog authors know why, either. Does anyone out there know the reason?

Whatever the grounds it’s a shame, because the various blogs on the network have generated a lot of interesting posts and related discussion over the years.

I toyed with the idea of applying to join the Guardian Science Blog Network way back in the summer of 2012, but nothing came of it so I just carried on here. The one real attraction of doing a Guardian blog was that I would have made a bit of money out of blogging, but the downside would probably have been feeling obliged to concentrate on science topics rather than whatever random stuff comes into my mind, which is what I do now. Anyway, whatever the reason I don’t regret keeping In The Dark going as an independent blog even if I have never made a penny out of it.

Next month (September 2018) will see the tenth anniversary of the first post on In The Dark. They say that all good things come to an end, on which basis this blog should probably carry on forever, but maybe a decade is long enough. On the hand it’s become a habit now, and I’m not sure I could stop even if I wanted to!

12 Responses to “Blog Endings”

  1. David Whitehouse Says:

    It’s been declining in quality for a long time. I don’t think you would have made much money. I think the blogger gets paid a percentage of the advertising that comes to the page. I think most do it for the publicity. Your blog is much more interesting even though I come from Birmingham, i.e the Midlands.

  2. First, keep it going.

    Second, don’t transfer to a blog network. Such sites are so full of bells and whistles that they are a pain to view. Also, some of them (Slate, for example) want payment from readers. While in principle I don’t have a problem paying for good content, I follow so many blogs that it would be too much trouble keep an eye on.

  3. 10 years not long enough when you have hungry followers to feed. Even now.

  4. Andy Lawrence Says:

    My blog never ended. It just became less frequent.

  5. Alan Heavens Says:

    Don’t stop blogging, Peter. I’ve argued with many, many people that it is worth reading.

  6. Nigel Foot Says:

    Keep going Telescoper! I love reading your blogs!

  7. moons R us Says:

    Yes, please keep going.

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