Long and Short Goodbyes

This morning I discovered that my email account at Cardiff University has been disabled. Obviously the IT Services folk there don’t hang about when somebody leaves! I did get a couple of warnings that this was going to happen, but didn’t expect it quite so soon.

The withdrawal of access to IT services at Cardiff seems a bit abrupt, but I suppose that’s just the policy these days. My employment there has terminated so I don’t think it’s unreasonable that they shut down my email.I guess they just don’t go in for long goodbyes!

Anyway, I know I haven’t always been very good at replying to email recently, but if you email me at Cardiff from now on then I really can’t reply. I can’t even read your message!

This also reminds me that it’s been two years since I left my job as Head of Mathematical and Physical Sciences at Sussex University. I’ve only been back to Brighton once since I left that position. I thought I might have a bit more time to visit there after moving onto a part-time contract at Cardiff, but that didn’t happen.

I was very tearful on my last day at Sussex, and can remember vividly how I felt walking down the steps from the Pevensey building for the last time. Still, it’s not a good idea to look back too often.The old School is in good hands, and I’m sure is going from strength to strength.

One great thing that has happened since I left Sussex is that the University has become an official partner of Brighton & Hove Pride, which is taking place this weekend. Best wishes to everyone taking part in the parade and associated festivities!

The two years since then have not turned out at all the way I planned when I left MPS: I had a three-year part-time contract at Cardiff, after which I planned to retire (in Cardiff). Now, two years on, I’m not retired nor am I in Cardiff, but living and working in another country.

Life is weird.

3 Responses to “Long and Short Goodbyes”

  1. Yes, life is weird, but I am sure it is all for the best (ok, maybe not “all”, but at least your moves are 🙂 ). Emigration is a very big step and I am looking forward to more posts from Ireland.

  2. I have also left UK for a post at an Irish University, but I am still an academic visitor and active on grants and supervising students at my old Uni, so I have electronic access to everything still. I am still marking for them and I also used my access to read articles in the Economist (who interviewed me and a colleague a couple of weeks ago) and THES. I want to apply for joint EPSRC-ISF grants with colleagues, so it’s great to still receive all the UK research funding news.

    • telescoper Says:

      I don’t have any graduate students in the UK. The last got her PhD last month.

      I don’t have any active grants either. My previous funding from STFC finished in 2017.

      I was expecting to retire next year at the latest so didn’t apply this year to be part of the Cardiff consolidated grant renewal.

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