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Summer Repeats, Removals and Research

Posted in Uncategorized on August 8, 2018 by telescoper

For those people who think the summer is one long holiday for academics, I’m using a narrow window in my calendar to pack, and supervise the removal from Cardiff to Ireland of, some of these:

There will be about 30 boxes of books to ship. I have more than that, but I’m only moving my technical books for now; the novels, poetry, dictionaries, and other stuff will stay until I buy a house in Ireland.

I also have three or four boxes of old lecture notes. I almost threw these out when I left Sussex two years ago ago. I. thought I wouldn’t need them again because I was planning to take early retirement. Now things have changed and they might prove very useful.

In September I start to teach two new courses at Maynooth, one of which (Vector Calculus and Fourier Series) has similar content to modules I’ve previously taught in Sussex and Cardiff so hopefully I can use some of the notes and examples instead of starting entirely from scratch. That’s for students in their second year at Maynooth. The other new module is on Astrophysics and Cosmology for final-year students and I also have material for that. I’m looking forward to that as it is closest to my own research interests.

Anyway before I can start preparing for the new academic year there is the end of the old one to take care of. Coming up next week are the repeat (resit) examinations which have to be marked pronto so the relevant students know if they can continue in September.

And then there’s the small matter of research. I have two papers to write up {and one project which I’m stuck with) that I wanted to finish this summer .

Oh, and the new edition of my book Cosmology: A Very Short Introduction needs finishing off. And a publication for next year’s centenary of the famous Eddington Eclipse expedition. And getting the Open Journal of Astrophysics fully operational.

But, yes, it’s the summer holiday.

Now I’d better get back to work.