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The Mother of Civilisation Library Project

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When I was packing books at my Cardiff residence last week I set aside a few I no longer needed. This morning I put them in a parcel which I took to the post office and sent to the Mother of Civilisation Library Project in Sindh (Pakistan).

In case you weren’t aware, the Mother of Civilization Library is a volunteer organisation in the Indus Valley around Sindh, in the southern part of Pakistan. Their project is to help and facilitate a libraries program in Sindh by collecting books. They contacted me a while ago about making a donation, and I’ve finally done it!

If you have any spare new or used books that you would like to send to the Library program, I’m sure they’d be thrilled to receive them! Your donation could do much to stimulate and encourage the growth of learning, especially among the young generation of students.

Please send books to:

Rashid Anees Magsi, Project Manager, Mother of Civilization Library

Street: Sobho Khan Magsi,

City: Radhan Station Dadu,

Province: Sindh,

Postal Code: 76310,

Country: Pakistan

P. S. If you send a donation from the UK be sure to say that you are sending books – the cost is much lower if your parcel contains only books than if it contains other items of the same weight.

Royal Society University – Science Foundation Ireland University Research Fellowships

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It is now time for a quick public information broadcast.

Did you know that the Royal Society has teamed up with Science Foundation Ireland to enable early career researchers in Ireland access to the University Research Fellowship (URF) scheme?

This scheme provides five years of research funding (with the possibility of renewal) and has proved to be a stepping stone to their first permanent academic position for a great many scientists.

This scheme covers, but is not limited to, physics and astronomy. For full details of the scheme, see here.

The deadline if you want to apply to hold a URF in Ireland is 12th September 2018, which is just a month away so get cracking!

You could go a lot worse than applying to hold your URF in Maynooth!

Oh, and five years residency in Ireland qualifies you for citizenship. Just saying…