Results Day Advice!

Today’s the day in Ireland that students get the results of their school Leaving Certificate examinations and, over the other side of the Irish Sea, tomorrow is when A-level results come out. For many there will be joy at their success, and I particularly look forward to meeting those who made their grades to get into Maynooth University shortly.

Others will no doubt receive some disappointing news.

For those of you who didn’t get the grades you needed or expected, I have one piece of very clear advice:


In particular, if you didn’t get the Leaving Certificate points you needed for entry to your first University in Ireland or the A-levels needed to do likewise in the United Kingdom, do not despair. There are always options.

For example, in Ireland, you could try looking at alternative choices on the Available Courses, where any places remaining unfilled in particular courses after all offers have been made and the waiting lists of applicants meeting minimum entry requirements have been exhausted, will be advertised.

In the United Kingdom the Clearing system will kick into operation this week. It’s very well organized and student-friendly, so give it a go if you didn’t make your offer.

4 Responses to “Results Day Advice!”

  1. Anton Garrett Says:

    All Ireland hurling final today! This is the only really recent post here that mentions Ireland so I thought I’d put it on this thread. Since I went rural I’m too far from a really big city that would have an Irish pub with a satellite link, but I recommend this magnificent and exciting sport to anybody, and this is its showpiece game.

    • telescoper Says:

      Yes, I’ll be watching in my local this afternoon!

    • telescoper Says:

      Galway are favourites to beat Limerick this afternoon, but round these parts there seems to be more evidence of support for Limerick.

    • “Since I went rural I’m too far from a really big city that would have an Irish pub with a satellite link”

      I would have thought that no place is so rural that it doesn’t have an Irish pub with a satellite link!

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