Glamorgan v Durham: Day 3

I flew back this morning from Dublin to Cardiff and, since Sophia Gardens is on the way to my Pontcanna residence from the bus stop, I popped in to watch the last rites of the County Championship match between Glamorgan and Durham.

I got there just in time to see the start of play, with Glamorgan resuming on 79 for 7. Just over half an hour later they were all out for 111 and had list the match by an innings and 30 runs. That despite the fact that Durham only scored 295 in their first innings.

You can’t really blame the tailenders this morning. Glamorgan’s higher-order batsmen folded twice in the match. Their line-up looked weak on paper and so it proved.

Glamorgan have five remaining County Championship matches to play with no overseas batsmen (Marsh & Khawaja having returned to Australian duties). The loss of fast bowler Marchant De Lange for the whole season with a hamstring injury hasn’t helped either. To make matters worse, yesterday Aneurin Donald announced he was leaving the club for Hampshire with immediate effect.

Glamorgan are clearly going to finish bottom of Division 2 of the County Championship. The club having gambled all on success in the Twenty20 format, and lost, they’re now adrift, going nowhere, and with morale at a low ebb. I wouldn’t be surprised if other players joined Donald in seeking pastures new.

The only thing that can turn Glamorgan round is a complete overhaul of its strategy and coaching staff. I’m not sure however whether the club management will do the necessary though.

Anyway, I may get to see some more cricket at Sophia Gardens on my season ticket next month, but I won’t be renewing my membership. Living in Ireland would make it impossible to see enough to justify the expense, even if there were a decent team to watch.

10 Responses to “Glamorgan v Durham: Day 3”

  1. Anton Garrett Says:

    I’ll be at a day of the Glamorgan out-match at Colwyn Bay on the North Wales coast next week, vs Warwickshire. I always enjoy proper (ie 4-day) county cricket at small grounds, and when my team (Lancashire) aren’t involved it’s a lot more relaxing!

    • telescoper Says:

      Glamorgan’s last two games haven’t lasted four days…

      I have been meaning to try the sea route from Dublin to Holyhead, just to see what it’s like, and that would be ideal for Colwyn Bay but I don’t think I can do it this year because of other commitments.

      • Anton Garrett Says:

        Let me know if you decide to and, if it’s not the day I go (which is subject to agreement with the weather and three Shropshire friends who are coming with me) then I’d drive up for another day of it. You’d need the fast boat, and do leave more time than you think to get to the train at Holyhead; ask if you can get a rail ticket in advance in Dublin.

      • telescoper Says:

        Warks are at the top of the table and Glamorgan at the bottom. I’d imagine the game will be over in two days like the Sussex match.

  2. Simon Kemp Says:

    Peter, perhaps you could get the Country Membership as I do, 62 pounds for 5 days cricket, maximum 2 T20 games, though I usually don’t even make 5 home days, not since they stopped playing 4-day cricket in late July-early Aug.
    Or you could get the boat to Holyhead and the train to Colwyn Bay to at least have a change of scenery in which to see Glamorgan lose. I haven’t been there since 2010 as the fixture hasn’t fallen in my possible range of dates.
    Colwyn bay was where Aneurin Donald scored a record-equalling (in terms of lowest number of balls) 234 in 2016. This year he’s had 27 innings in all competitions with a top score of 48. Something must be very wrong there.

    • Anton Garrett Says:

      I was there for part of Glamorgan’s out-match in 2015, won satisfyingly by Lancs, and for day 1 vs Sussex last season. Unfortunately I didn’t go in 2016.

      • Simon Kemp Says:

        I first went there in 2000 and when I arrived Glamorgan were about 580-2, and they finished on 718-3 declared, their highest ever total, with Steve James 309 not out, their highest ever individual score. Sussex got over 300 in both innings but still lost by an innings.

      • Simon Kemp Says:

        Anton, there seems to be a danger of Lancashire having a 4-day match at Colwyn Bay next year. I’ve seen two 40/45 over games at Colwyn Bay between Glamorgan and Lancashire, both won by Lancs, in 2005 and 2010.

  3. Simon Kemp Says:

    You mean Marsh and Khawaja returned to Australian duties/were injured. I know we went through most of the Aussie top order that aren’t currently banned, but we didn’t have Smith

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