Pride Cymru

Just a quick post today, as it is the day of the Pride Cymru parade in Cardiff, part of a three-day ‘Big Weekend’ of celebrations going on over the Bank Holiday weekend.

The above picture (which I took from the ‘We Are Cardiff’ Twitter feed) shows the front of the Parade. I arrived too late to see the start, but I’m including the picture here to show that Pride Cymru is having none of the anti-Trans nonsense that blighted the London Pride parade earlier this summer.

I could only see a little bit of the Parade before returning home, as I have lot to do before returning to Ireland tomorrow, but it seemed to be going well and people seemed to be having fun!

8 Responses to “Pride Cymru”

  1. “Pride Cymru is having none of the anti-Trans nonsense”

    How is anti-Trans nonsense defined here?

    Although there is never an excuse for hatred or unnecessary violence, sometimes it can make sense to remove the motivation for it, even if the motivation should not lead to bad things. I think that it was Mark Twain who described his mother as a good person in a moral sense but as a racist, putting the latter down to misinformation (the curse of Ham heard from the pulpit, etc).

    I think that some “anti-Trans nonsense” might be due (again, perhaps it shouldn’t be, but it is) to just not understanding the concept; this might be even more the case among the non-LGBQIAP+ community (on the other hand, like George Jefferson banding together with Archie Bunker to keep Puerto Ricans out of the neighbourhood, the community itself might fear losing what it has gained by being too inclusive, which is probably also why most people don’t think that “P” should have their own letter).

    To wit: While of course every human being deserves respect, in some cases at least the impression exists that there is an expectation to be treated like a whatever, where whatever is whatever gender they are transitioning to. What does that mean, in practice, at least for someone who isn’t sexually interested in such a person (for whatever reason)? The LGB community has been very constructive in getting the message across that people are people, that people should be judged by their actions and their words, not stereotyped, not put in boxes, etc. Thus, I think that many people are simply confused about what is expected of them. Also, the whole concept of Trans makes sense only if there is such a thing as a “female brain” and a “male brain” (at least in most cases, though some might just feel more comfortable in a different sort of body), while this is also a concept which has been contested by many equal-rights activists.

    As my history teacher used to say, just an observation, not a judgement. None of the above should be used to try to deduce my own views on this, which are irrelevant. I am merely suggesting that some confusion exists with regard to expectations, and this might—again, wrongly—lead to various sorts of negative behaviour.

    Elsewhere, similar polite questions have sometimes triggered the response “if you’re too stupid to get it, just fuck off”, which is, to say the least, not constructive. Other times, there is just silence (even more so to questions about why polyamorous people are often marginalized by the LGBTQIA+ folks). As in the case of Trump and McCain, sometimes silence says a lot.

  2. Meanwhile, two women in Malaysia were sentenced to fines, jail time, and beatings. Their crime: having sex:

  3. In the news today: homosexuality now legal in India.

    • telescoper Says:

      Yes, great news, but I have to admit that nobody I met there last October bothered to tell me it was illegal…..;-)

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