Autumn in Maynooth

I was struck by the contrasting mixture of colours in St Joseph’s Square as I walked through just now so thought I’d share a quick snap taken on my phone. The trees are still in full leaf, but the Virginia Creeper that covers the facades of many of the buildings in the quadrangle is turning blood red, a sure sign that autumn is arriving. It is still rather warm, if a little breezy, however, because we’re in the airflow behind tropical storm Helene. This part of Ireland missed the worst of it, despite a rather worrying weather forecast for yesterday:

As it happens, the worst of the rainfall missed this part of Ireland but it has dumped a lot of rain to the West, from Galway to Donegal.

Among the other signs of autumn are the large number of groups of new students being guided around the campus during this orientation week. Lectures don’t begin until Monday 24th September but the first-year students are already here and trying their best to settle in before teaching starts.

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  1. Anton Garrett Says:

    Today’s weather makes me wonder if a first class cricket match has ever been suspended because of high wind. Here in Shropshire it is bright and sunny and the grass reasonably dry, but with a 50mph gusting wind. I found the following list of unusual reasons why play has been suspended, but wind is not on it:

    The list is not comprehensive, as I recall hearing of an eclipse that stopped play in India once. I was privileged to have been at matches no. 1 (snow at Buxton), 2 (reflected sunbeam at Old Trafford) and 4 (cold at Fenners). I might also have been at no. 10 (fire alarm) as I was living back in Greater Manchester in 2007 and went to Old Trafford a lot. No. 9 about the ball landing in a frying pan is a classic.

    • Well, Storm Helene has passed over Ireland but we’ve now got Storm Ali which is much worse…it’s very windy at the moment. It’s so bad that it has disrupted the National Ploughing Championships in Offaly.

    • The weather doesn’t seem to have affected play at Canterbury, where Glamorgan look to be heading for yet another defeat.

    • Anton Garrett Says:

      I was at match no. 10 as well (Lancs v Kent), although not on the day of the incident. I wonder if anybody else has been at four or more of those matches.

      • I remember the Free George Davis abandonment at Headingley in 1975 (watching on TV expecting to see the last days play) and the two abandonments in the first hour’s play of West Indies v England Test matches (one for unsafe pitch and one for uneven oufield). I was at a 50-over game in Cardiff in Aug 2015 that was abandoned 10 overs into the innings of the team batting second because of an unsafe pitch. Also in Cardiff in 2008 there were often days with no play which were completely dry and sunny but the ground hadnt dried out after the previous day’s rain. This was after the construction of the new pavilion which blocked the drying wind, and meant a new drainage system was installed quickly before the first ever Cardiff Test match in 2009.

      • Anton Garrett Says:

        And presumably an easy-drainage soil?

    • Durham all out twice today a Lecister, for 61 and 66 respectively. ..

      • and Glamorgan play Leicester next week…
        But 25 years ago, Sep 19 1993, Glamorgan won the AXA Equity and Law 50-over League title, beating Kent (who could also have won the title) at Canterbury in the last match, also Viv Richards last 50-over game for Glamorgan. Unlike Anton I wasn’t at any of the matches with unlikely interruptions, but I was at Canterbury that day!
        I looked for a youtube video of the game but there doesn’t seem to be one (perhaps I should try and make one as I have it on VHS somewhere)

      • Glamorgan all out for 78 this morning. Ten defeats on the trot. Grim.

      • Glamorgan all out for 359 in their first innings. First time this season they have collected 4 batting points.

      • Anton Garrett Says:

        I can’t find the shoving match between Ilott and Croft in the Glamorgan v Essex 1997 one-day semi either!

      • Anton Garrett Says:

        I’ve also failed to find online video of the notorious incident in Bradman’s innings against England in 1946 when England considered him caught in the slips and he said it was a bump ball and declined to walk; the umpire did not raise his finger. I presume cameras were there? I can see reasons why any Aussie film of it might not have been preserved…

      • Australians have never been famous for walking.

      • Anton Garrett Says:

        Cameras were indeed present on that first day at Brisbane, but the incident is not shown in this summary:

    • Well, Somerset v Surrey at Taunton has been abandoned because high winds blew the covers off..

      • Anton Garrett Says:

        And allowed the overnight rain to saturate the pitch. Given the state of the match, the groundsman will offered plenty of pints of cider in the pubs of Taunton tonight.

  2. […] It shows the view from the other side of St Joseph’s Square compared to the picture I posted on Tuesday, i.e. towards St Patrick’s House rather than away from it. The weather has taken a turn for […]

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