Moon Child – Pharaoh Sanders

Following the advice of novelist E.M. Forster to `only connect’, I thought I’d do just that by only connecting  two bits of news. The first is that legendary saxophonist Pharaoh Sanders is playing at the National Concert Hall in Dublin next month and the second is that astronomers have been discussing whether or not a moon can have a moon and, if it can, whether it should be called a moonmoon or a submoon or something else. Well, I think such an object should be called a Moon Child, after the album by Pharaoh Sanders from which this is the title track. With a link like that, I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before I get offered a job as a radio presenter!

2 Responses to “Moon Child – Pharaoh Sanders”

  1. There is a track with a similar name on King Crimson’s first album, In the Court of the Crimson King, one of the best rock albums of all times, which should appeal even to jazz fans. The first two albums, with Greg Lake (later of ELP) singing and playing bass, and Ian McDonald, who later went on to make rather different music with Foreigner (so named because, at the time it was founded, the band were half English and half American), are quite different than later Crimson stuff, which is too jazzy and/or avant garde for my taste. The first album also features Michael Giles on drums, a really, really interesting drummer. You haven’t lived until you have heard this album.

    • I should add that the first track on this album is really different from almost anything else, and not really to my taste. The rest are much better. In my book, the best are “I talk to the wind” and “Epitaph (Including March for No Reason and Tomorrow and Tomorrow)”. (Even the titles of songs were better back then.)

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