Another Day, Another Open Access Talk..

So having exercised my franchise earlier this morning, I found myself in Maynooth University Library giving yet another talk about Open Access publishing as part of Open Access Week.

I’ve got a lecture at noon, which will be the last one I give before the half-term `Study Week’ which begins with a bank holiday on Monday 29th October (Lá Saoire i mí Dheireadh Fómhair). It’s very nice to have a break before Christmas like this. Also the University study week is timed to be the same as School half-term holidays, which is good for those members of staff who have kids of school age.

Well, that’s enough blogging. I need to get my vector calculus notes together. I’m doing line integrals today, by the way

8 Responses to “Another Day, Another Open Access Talk..”

  1. I have an open access question which perhaps you can answer: Are you aware of any open access overlay journals for (physics) conferences? I’m on an organising committee of a conference for which the committee has agreed to produce proceedings. We’d like them open access but preferably without the cost of using one of the traditional providers.

    • The main point of an overlay journal is that the journal vouches for the quality of the papers. Since most proceedings aren’t refereed, a “journal” per se is not needed. These days, many conferences have online proceedings, which are essentially just a list of links to the contributions. Some still do books, some have online proceedings, some have both, some have links to the full presentations (as opposed to a compact write-up in proceedings style) as well, or just links to the presentations. More than 20 years ago, I did something like this. There is even an ADS entry. 🙂 There are many more recent examples.

      Your main problem might be the longevity of the link. Books can last hundreds of years. Web pages—it depends. If there is some outfit which does overlay proceedings, this might offer more longevity than a personal website.

      You could of course put the individual contributions on arXiv, though some authors like to restrict arXiv submissions to their more important works—many proceedings contributions are works in progress or summaries of stuff published in journals etc. However, disks are so cheap these days that there is no reason not to host them on the machine where the webserver is running.

      • Time flies. In the conference photo for the proceedings linked to above, many of the students are now professors, most of the professors retired, at least two people dead. 😐

      • The main point is of course to provide some sort of validation through peer review, but the journal also does other things such as assigning a DOI and facilitating cross-referencing.

      • Paul Stevenson Says:

        Thanks for the suggestions. The overlay journal idea is basically for the permanence, the doi and the citeability (and to some extent the peer review, too, though the contributions will be limited to those accepted to speak at the conference)

    • I don’t know of any such overlay journals similar to the OJA, but you might consider contacting SCIPOST who have a Proceedings section:

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